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Pumpkin Spice

I love autumn and few things feel more autumnal than pumpkin spice (in my humble opinion). I had never had it before, only longingly wished I could try some pumpkin pie or just something pumpkin flavored for years. Pumpkin spice wasn’t really easy to find in Norway, and so I finally realised, thanks to the internet, that its actually something you can make yourself, like a spice blend (duh Caroline). And so I decided to try this one (link below) and I put it in everything from oatmeal to hot chocolate, and of course pie (still need to mastser this one a bit better). Only difference is I dont grate the nutmeg from fresh, I am lazy and just get it pre-grated. Those little things get so tricky to grip half way!

>Yummy Pumpkin Spice Recipe



Hope this helps get you ready for autumn and needed to pumpkin spice up your life (lame pun, sorry!)

Happy last week of August! <3


Apple Blackberry Crumble

Now that summer is almost over (quickest summer ever) and autumn is soon upon us, amazing blackberries have started making their appearance. This is the first time I’ve ever seen wild blackberries (another reason England is awesome) so I was excited to go out and pick some for my favourite dessert, Apple Blackberry Crumble. Yum!

This is a recipe I found online, I first made it a few months ago and I was hooked. I had never made a crumble before, but the fruity juicy sweetness and crisp crumble made it an instant favorite for me and everyone I’ve shared it with. I’m sure you’ll love it if you try it, please let me know!

Even though it’s sad that summer is coming to an end, I do love autumn and getting in the autumnal spirit 😀

Recipe for delicious Apple Blackberry Crumble<3





May 2016 favorites

Hi everyone! I can hardly believe it’s finally summer, I’m so excited 😀 I wanted to share some of my May favorites with you. They are all in the makeup/skin care cathegory 🙂

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer SPF 20, White Peach

I have been really wanting to find a good under-eye concealer thats more natural in terms of ingredients, and I heard about the brand 100% pure a few years ago but had never tried anything from them before. In fact, as far as I can remember the only “natural” concealer I’ve ever tried is from the brand Terre d’Oc, and although I love their mineral foundation and mascara, the concealer wasn’t quite the right concistency for my personal preference as an under-eye concealer.
I read a review online after ordering the 100% pure one that it didn’t offer enough coverage but I actually find it to work really well under the eyes, although I do agree that it might not have enough coverage for blemishes. It feels a bit “dry” in constency, but it’s light and doesn’t really crease on me. I think its quite wonderful!

Coola Organic Suncare Collection, Face Mineral Suncreen, Matte Finish, SPF 30, Cucumber

I had heard a lot of good things about Coola so I wanted to try out their sunscreen. It is a bit on the pricier side, but I’ve struggled to find a good natural moisturizer and sunscreens these days have so much icky stuff in them that really aren’t good for you. It is a really teriffic brand, quote from their website

Our full line of luxury sun and skincare products incorporate a Farm to Face® sourcing philosophy, using the freshest and most natural ingredients whenever possible. Look for our organic formulas that contain over 70% certified organic ingredients and are easily identified by our organic seals. Additionally, we formulate with Plant Protection®, which allows us to achieve clinically tested, broad spectrum and antioxidant-rich protection while using fewer traditional actives. Better for your skin, better for the environment. 
Today, COOLA continues to pave the way in the suncare industry. Because we produce in limited quantity batches in sunny and cool San Diego, we’re able to reformulate often, taking advantage of new developments in sun science.


Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Cool Mint

I think this is a lovely lip balm, it’s quite long lasting and you get a nice large tube with the cutest packaging. And I just love peppermint!

100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish, Kiss

I’ve really missed using nail polish after I started wanting to try to use mostly products which are gentle, and a lot of nail polishes can in fact be quite toxic. I’ve tried a brand called “Piggy paint” (so adorable!) which I thought was nice, but it didn’t last for too long on my nails (I should add that almost no nail polish does though..). After it dried up I didn’t wear any for a long time, but I really enjoy having some color at least on my toenails, and the shop had a sale on 100% pure nail polishes and oh my, so many nice colors! It feels and look so lovely on my nails, and I’m quite impressed with the staying power! Definetly recommended.

I really hope this was helpful and that you’ll have an amazing summer!
Much love from me!



Super Easy Moisturizing Spray (Face & Body) ~DIY~

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share the recipe for my moisturizing spray I’ve been using on my face for over a month now. I’m so happy with it. It’s very natural, easy to make, easy to apply, and cheap!

(I apologize for the lack of good quality on my photos, I’m not an expert in photography to say the least. lol)

You’ll need:

  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E oil (optional)
  • A spray bottle (I got mine here
  • Distilled or boiled wateter

I simply fill about 1/8 of my bottle with vegetable glycerine, another 1/8 with aloe vera, a couple of drops of Vitamin E oil and fill the remaining of the bottle up with water and shake it well.

I keep it in my bathroom and spritz it all over my face after cleansing or just when I feel the need to. You can also make a bigger bottle and use it for your body. Or add essential oils or use a tea base.

If you try it, I hope you like it! Let me know!

On another note, I’m 40 weeks pregnant on Sunday, and my due date is on the 8th of March. This is a picture from last summer when I was aprox. 2-3 months pregnant. I can’t wait to spend spring and summer with my new little family <3


Winter (skin care) favorites

Happy new year!

It’s been a while since I last made a post. I’ve been feeling very fatigued during my pregnancy but thankfully I’m in good health. I had horrible pregnancy sickness the first 4 months of pregnancy, but I’ll spare those details for now!

I’d like to share some of my current skin care favorites. And they are mostly on the natural side.

Aloe Vera Gel + Argan Oil
Ok, so goodness knows how long I’ve spent researching  a natural moisturizer alternative for my acne-prone, sensitive skin. It didn’t always use to be that way but it developed over the last two years, and I just haven’t seem to be able to sort it out. I tried just using coconut oil and other natural oils on my face but they really clogged my pores. Also I didn’t realise until later on that coconut oil is actually quite comedogenic.
I tried using aloe vera gel on my skin a few years ago, but that was a terrible experience. I don’t know if it was the additives that particular brand used (even though it was 98% pure aloe vera gel), but it made my skin so red and itchy. So be careful to make sure it doesnt contain any irritating ingredients if you wan’t to try it on your face!

The one I use now is the “Aubrey Organics” one and it hasn’t given me any problems. But aloe vera gel in itself is not really moisturizing enough for me as my skin isn’t particularly oily. So I researched what oils were the least comedogenic and Argan oil has a rating of zero, so I figured I’d give it a go. I started using Argan oil on my hair maybe 5 years ago on and off after reading about it online. I love multitasking beauty products!
The one I’m using is from “Now Foods”. I really like the dropper-bottle it comes it.

It’s been working wonders for me and I’m SO relieved I’ve finally found something that works! It doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out. I just mix a few drops of argan oil (usually 3-4) with a bit of the aloe vera and apply it on my skin after cleansing. And it makes it feel really nice and soft. Hurray!

I should also add that my skin is looking so incredibly much better. I have to add that it might be the pregnancy hormones helping sort my skin out, although my skin did actually get worse during my pregnancy up until quite recently. Either way I’m really happy! And I recommend trying this combination out if you have similar probelms to me.

Paulas Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Gel 2%
This is a salicylic acid product that I use on my skin, usually before bed, and it’s supposed to help clean your pores. I’m on my second bottle now, and I will probably keep using it as I find it very helpful. I don’t think it does magic as I did struggle with my skin even while using it, but I did see a lot of improvement. And no product is magic anyways, especially if there is an imbalance on the inside of the body creating the issues. It helps to gently exfoliate, which is important for clear skin. You can use it during the day aswell if you wish, but be sure to wear sunscreen over the top if you do as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun!

Vitamin E Oil
I use this in a lot of DIY skin care products that I make, and I use it everyday as an eye cream. It’s very affordable and not to mention easy and non-toxic. That’s really all I have to say about that! I think it’s awesome 😀 (I should add that vitamin E oil is very sticky!)

Pure Magnesium Oil
Ok, so this isn’t really a skin care product, but I felt like adding it anyways. Magnesium defficiency is very common as our soils are very depleted of this mineral. Also it can be hard for a lot of peoples bodies to absorbing when taken orally. I really recommend doing some research on transdermal magnesium supplementation if it peaks your interest! Also, it works really nicely as a natural deodorant!

EOS Lipbalms
It might sound funny but EOS lipbalms are very nostalgic for me, as I was using them a lot at a really nice and transformational time of my life a couple of years ago. When I went to London to see Jack again and we became a couple. Also, they just smell and taste amazing. And goodness, they are so cute with their little round shapes 😀 haha. And I use them everyday before bed and after washing my face. Lip balm is just very helpful in the winter, I think everyone would agree on that.

Raw Shea Butter with Frankincense and Myrrh
After I ran out of my homemade bodybutter I’ve been using this on the baby bump. It’s a bit tougher to spread out but it’s really, really moisturizing.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti Coconut Oil Vanilla
Oh. My. Goodness. This just smells AMAZING. I was using this a few years ago and recently got a bottle again. What you do is you bring it into the shower with you, and it melts in the bottle. And then when you get out of the shower and your skin is still wet/damp, you put it on and it makes you feel like a sweet, delicious and soft vanilla pie! (Or is that just me..). Of course you can just do the same with regular coconut oil, which I often do. It’s mostly the scent and simplicity of this that makes me love it so much 🙂
And goodness knows that with the pregnancy fatigue anything that is quick and easy wins major bonus points in my book!

Moisturizing Spray
Lastly, I wanted to add this moisturizing spray that I want to make a recipe post for really soon! Like I said, I’ve been looking to simplify things as much as possible while being pregnant, and also avoid as many chemicals as I can.
I use this as an all over body spray, and I keep it in my bathroom to use as a hand moisturizer. I’ve ordered some small glass bottles from the UK so that I can make a smaller face spritz to carry around with me 🙂
But really, how cute is that bottle! I got it for christmas from Jack, after putting it on my wishlist! 😀

Ok, so thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful! I could probably have added a few more things, but I figured these were the most important ones for me at the moment 🙂

I hope 2016 will be an amazing year for you! I know for sure it will be a transformational one for me!

Big hugs xxx

(And just for all clarity I just want to add that this is not a sponsored post!)


Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum & Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

I’ve been looking online to find a Vitamin C serum for a little while now. I wanted to one that is more natural and without alot of not-so-great ingredients. So finally I decided to order the Mad Hippie one as I’ve tried their moisturizer before and it was really great! (though a little bit expensive)

The reason I wanted to try a serum with Vitamin C is because I’ve been really enjoying researching skin care lately, and Vitamin C is one ingredient in skin care that seems to have quite a few good and research-proven benefits. Like protection agains free radicals from environmental factors, help with acne scars, reduce inflammation and irritation and help with sunprotection (to mention a few).

I’m sure actually eating Vitamin C rich foods would be perhaps even more fantastic for your skin, but I like to try new things and I don’t think it will hurt to include it on the outside aswell as the inside 🙂

It also has hyalurnoic acid in it which holds moisture very well, and ferulic acid which apparently has been shown to double the UV protective effects of Vitamin C. Which sounds pretty cool to me!


I usually only use a toner on my skin at night, and if I’ve used make up that day, to make sure there isn’t any residue left on my face. I’ve heard alot of people on the internet brag about Thayers Witch Hazel Toner so I decided to try it as my last toner (also a witch hazel one, but with perfume which I’d rather avoid) ran out. I think the smell is really nice. I didn’t use to be that crazy about rose scents, but lately find myself loving them!

I did a bentonite clay mask (by Aztec Secret) whilst watching a movie with my boyfriend tonight and tried the products on after, so far I think they feel really nice, no irritation at all, and I’m excited to see if the serum works on my sunspots 🙂

By the way I must add that this is not at all a sponsored post!


Beautiful Muskoka, Canada



This is a little #tbt to August 2013 when I for the first time visited Canada. It’s the furthest I’ve ever flown or been away from home. I flew to Toronto and then visited a friends cottage in Muskoka, which is such a beautiful and serene place. I especially enjoyed being able to bathe in the lake. It’s not too often its warm enough here in Norway to bathe in any kind of natural body of water, lol.




At a raw foods restaurant in Toronto that was called “Rawlicious” if I remember correctly. The pizza was absoultely delicious! I also remember being incredibly thirsty because I’v almost just come off the plane. Never forget to bring plenty of water for a 8+ hr flight!




I had never seen a chipmunk before! Sooo cute <3


And this little fellow.


A moose.









Being the first of November, the first snow of the season has already set and then rained away again, and its easy to daydream about being in warm beautiful Muskoka again.

I’ve always loved to travel and/or dream about traveling ever since I was a little kid. Maybe I’ll post some travel blogs/pictures from other places I’ve visited too. I get to relive the memories then in a way 🙂 Which is fun!




Also, here are a couple of photos that my host/friend Leija (Leija’s instagram) captured of me on the last day of my 10 day visit. There were a few more but the rest are on my other laptop 🙂


1002012_10151759215071409_1228856847_n 1170889_10151622275021409_81216935_n


Kisses xxx


Happy Halloween/Samhain!


I hope everyone had a lovely and spooky Halloween this year. Last year I carved a pumpkin for the first time which was so much fun, but this year I was too tired (it’s quite hard work, I didn’t realize!).

My masterpiece!

Anyways, this means christmas will soon be upon us. I love the time running up to christmas, so I’m very excited.

This year I got more into candles (of all things), especially scented ones. I was a bit gutted to learn that burning regular wax candles can be quite bad for you, as they contain not that great chemicals. So I got some beeswax in the crafts store to make my own, which I used up and wen’t to get some new ones to make advent candles out of. But I also decided to get some beeswax tealights off Ebay that will hopefully arrive soon. Soy can also be another nice alternative to try, I haven’t thus far 🙂

Have a great weekend x


How To Make Almond Butter


Hello again! 🙂

I wanted to share with you this super simple recipe to make almond butter at home. I first tried almond butter on my last trip to London and it’s become one of my favorite things to eat now. Unfortunately almond butter is sooo expensive here in Norway, so I figured I had to start making my own.

All you need is..

  • 250 grams of Almonds
  • 1/3 ts of Salt (I used pink Himalayan salt)


  • A food processor
  • Baking tray
  • Container to keep the almond butter in


The first thing I do is set the oven to 180 degres centigrade. I put the almonds on a baking tray with a sheet of baking paper and put them in the oven for about 8 – 10 minutes.



When they’re done I take them out and put them in the foodprocessor and start blending. This is where some patience is required! It will just look like almond crumbles and like nothing is happening for a few minutes, until the oils from the almonds start separating and it starts sticking together. You’ll have to stop the food processor a few times and scrape the (soon to be) butter off the sides during the blending process.




It took about 10 minutes of blending until the almond butter was smooth. But I used an older and not very powerful food processor 🙂 This is when you can add the salt.




And that’s it! 😀 It’s very simple. I hope you’ll try it!




One of my favorite snacks is organic apple slices with almond butter. I know the picture doesn’t look very delcious, sorry about that. lol



Please do leave me comments, I love those 😀 haha. Also if you’d like to follow me on Bloglovin, you can click here or on the little heart button on my page.

Sending hugs xx Caroline.


How To Make Your Own Natural Body Butter Bar

So, I thought I’d share something I make and use all the time,natural, easy-to-make body butter bars- I love to make my own body products whenever I can, to avoid any pesky ingredients and addatives. Plus it’s economical – and fun too! Win-win.

Cocoa butter and coconut oil are frequently used in body butters and body lotions and are great for keeping your skin soft and lovely, to help prevent strechmarks and are also high in antioxidants. I also like to add some Vitamin E oil to add to those benefits.

Let’s get started.




  • A boiling pot
  • A glass bowl
  • A shape for your body butter (paper muffin shapes works great, for example)

This will make 1 – 2 body bars (depending on the size of your shapes).



Ok, so start by putting the cocoa butter and coconut oil in your glass bowl. Fill some water in the boiling-pot and put the glass bowl with the ingredients over it (the water should not be touching the glass bowl). Then heat the cocoa butter and coconut oil on the stove until it’s completely melted.




When it’s completely melted take the bowl off the heat and now you can add your Vitamin E oil and Essential oils of choice. You can skip this step and the body bars will still be great. I like to add essential oils for scent, I personally love peppermint and lavender, but you can use any scents you like. Remember to mix well.



Then pour the mixture into your shape and put in the fridge. It will take a couple of hours for it to solidify, a bit shorter if you put it in the freezer.

And voilá! You have your very own, natural, homemade body butter bars! 😀 I like to store mine in a little container in the bathroom, perfect for after you’ve had a shower or a bath. It will melt as you glide it onto your skin and you just rub it in and you’ll be left with lovely, soft skin. It’s really nice if you have really dry skin, or in the winter, but its good to use all year round.

If you live in a very warm climate I should add that they might need to be kept in the fridge so that they don’t melt.


I hope you love it too! 😀

xx Caroline.