Happy Halloween/Samhain!


I hope everyone had a lovely and spooky Halloween this year. Last year I carved a pumpkin for the first time which was so much fun, but this year I was too tired (it’s quite hard work, I didn’t realize!).

My masterpiece!

Anyways, this means christmas will soon be upon us. I love the time running up to christmas, so I’m very excited.

This year I got more into candles (of all things), especially scented ones. I was a bit gutted to learn that burning regular wax candles can be quite bad for you, as they contain not that great chemicals. So I got some beeswax in the crafts store to make my own, which I used up and wen’t to get some new ones to make advent candles out of. But I also decided to get some beeswax tealights off Ebay that will hopefully arrive soon. Soy can also be another nice alternative to try, I haven’t thus far 🙂

Have a great weekend x

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