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November 2015


Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum & Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

I’ve been looking online to find a Vitamin C serum for a little while now. I wanted to one that is more natural and without alot of not-so-great ingredients. So finally I decided to order the Mad Hippie one as I’ve tried their moisturizer before and it was really great! (though a little bit expensive)

The reason I wanted to try a serum with Vitamin C is because I’ve been really enjoying researching skin care lately, and Vitamin C is one ingredient in skin care that seems to have quite a few good and research-proven benefits. Like protection agains free radicals from environmental factors, help with acne scars, reduce inflammation and irritation and help with sunprotection (to mention a few).

I’m sure actually eating Vitamin C rich foods would be perhaps even more fantastic for your skin, but I like to try new things and I don’t think it will hurt to include it on the outside aswell as the inside 🙂

It also has hyalurnoic acid in it which holds moisture very well, and ferulic acid which apparently has been shown to double the UV protective effects of Vitamin C. Which sounds pretty cool to me!


I usually only use a toner on my skin at night, and if I’ve used make up that day, to make sure there isn’t any residue left on my face. I’ve heard alot of people on the internet brag about Thayers Witch Hazel Toner so I decided to try it as my last toner (also a witch hazel one, but with perfume which I’d rather avoid) ran out. I think the smell is really nice. I didn’t use to be that crazy about rose scents, but lately find myself loving them!

I did a bentonite clay mask (by Aztec Secret) whilst watching a movie with my boyfriend tonight and tried the products on after, so far I think they feel really nice, no irritation at all, and I’m excited to see if the serum works on my sunspots 🙂

By the way I must add that this is not at all a sponsored post!


Beautiful Muskoka, Canada



This is a little #tbt to August 2013 when I for the first time visited Canada. It’s the furthest I’ve ever flown or been away from home. I flew to Toronto and then visited a friends cottage in Muskoka, which is such a beautiful and serene place. I especially enjoyed being able to bathe in the lake. It’s not too often its warm enough here in Norway to bathe in any kind of natural body of water, lol.




At a raw foods restaurant in Toronto that was called “Rawlicious” if I remember correctly. The pizza was absoultely delicious! I also remember being incredibly thirsty because I’v almost just come off the plane. Never forget to bring plenty of water for a 8+ hr flight!




I had never seen a chipmunk before! Sooo cute <3


And this little fellow.


A moose.









Being the first of November, the first snow of the season has already set and then rained away again, and its easy to daydream about being in warm beautiful Muskoka again.

I’ve always loved to travel and/or dream about traveling ever since I was a little kid. Maybe I’ll post some travel blogs/pictures from other places I’ve visited too. I get to relive the memories then in a way 🙂 Which is fun!




Also, here are a couple of photos that my host/friend Leija (Leija’s instagram) captured of me on the last day of my 10 day visit. There were a few more but the rest are on my other laptop 🙂


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Kisses xxx